Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Windows XC 2011 v2.3

Release Name : Windows XC (eXCellent) 2011

Based OS : Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 version 5.1 build 2600

Platform : x86 (32-BIT)

SATA Support : Yes

Language : English/Thai ( Auto Thai-Keyboard settings )

Windows Activation : Activated

Installaltion mode : Full Unattended

Customization by : iCharge

MD5 (XC_2011_v2.3.2.ISO) : AFDFA6F4466FF0538D034CE4144343D1

Desktop (Clock & Calendar)
Desktop (Dark)
Desktop (live)
Desktop (Purple)
Desktop (Orange)
Desktop (Pink)
Desktop (Gold yellow)
Desktop wallpapers
Date and time dialog
Shutdown Dialog
Logon Screen
Boot Screen

Feel good windows modern style, More HD Wallpapers and more faster performance.

Don't believe? .. Try it !!

NEW feature

- Taskbar Rearrange

Integrated & Credits


Everything v1.2.1 (Search engine for Windows)

.Net Frameworks (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 SP1) by jd976

HashTab 4

CPLBonus by Kel

Klite Mega Pack 5.9

IE8 addon by OnePiece

Taskbar Shuffle


Winrar 4 beta 5

OEM Info coded by Winstyle 2008

RefreshClock Addon by ricktendo64 moded by iCharge

Y'Z Shadow


UpdatePack 1.4.9 by user_hidden


Ambient by tornado5 / Ambient shellstyle by Gelosea (Mod colors by iCharge)

Royale/Luna by HoLY CoMM@nDo

WMP 12 for XP by XceNiK, fediaFedia, Gainnisgx89, Mening12001


Comix Cursors White by Teft

Aero Shadow (Normal/Medium/Big) by Herby

[Special Thankz]






Part 01 Download | Part 03 Download

Part 02 Download | Part 04 Download

Download WinXC 2.3 ISO Patcher

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